Brainwash is such an ugly word. It evokes images of dictatorship; of people being forced, physically, into submission; Malcolm McDowell being forced, in A Clockwork Orange, to watch brutal movie clips, his eyes pried open with tiny metal hooks… the daily Two Minutes of Hate in Orwell’s 1984… But brainwash is also very apt when it comes to describing present-day Sweden. A country where journalists, politicians and celebrities have banded together to convince the public that daily outbursts of spectacular violence – hand grenades exploding outside subway stations, shoot-outs in grocery stores, knife fights in playgrounds – is something completely normal. In fact, it’s always been this way.

So, have you heard?

Sweden was never the relatively quaint, safe, secular, sexy society we – who grew up in the 1960’s 1970’s and 1980’s – thought it was.

We remember it wrong.

Things were always exploding. There was always an inordinate number of fires in public schools, of cars burning, of people being massacred in public places with AK-47s, of police stations being blown up, etcetera.

…and we have always been at war with Eurasia.

Jokes aside: what is taking place in Sweden right now is fucking unparallelled. It is a bizarre farce, a haphazard experiment in social engineering nervously abetted by most large media outlets and, not least, by state media outlets Sveriges Television and Sveriges Radio. Everyone (who counts) is on board, must be on board the migration/multiculturalism-train, and if you’re not –  or just half-heartedly – well, then you are clearly a Nazi.

Or as the not-so-great George W. Bush once put it: ”Either you’re with us, or you’re with the terrorists…”

In a psychotic fit of grandiose delusions Sweden has declared itself a ”humanitarian superpower” (courtesy former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt) and made immigration its basic industry. The neo-liberals love it of course. Finally a quick and practical way to abolish – once-and-for-all – the century-long social democratic reign of terror and crush their union allies.

How you ask?


Just saturate the labor market and the social security systems with desperate, unskilled immigrants from countries like Syria, Iraq, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Afghanistan. All under the pretense of being altruistic and caring for the refugees of the world and… voilá!

The left plays along for whatever reasons and yes, the communist loves ”multiculturalism” because it is… well, communism (thinly veiled, but still).

Why the Social Democrats lend themselves to this mockery of realpolitik is anyones guess, though.

Swedish liberal-conservative party leaders.

In any case.

What we have here is a fully functioning country willingly committing suicide – in part to prove some preposterous moral point – and I’ll be damned if I know what it is. I mean, I get why calculating politicians like right-wingers Annie Lööf and Ulf Kristersson have created the narrative of ”value driven” politics. They are habitual ideologists and like I said: they want to crush socialism. But why my apolitical friends and neighbours are going along with this ”altruistic” nonsense is beyond me. There is nothing in it for them. Not even a moral reward because our ”generosity” to refugees is creating massive problems for everyone involved (more on that later).

Actually, I think it is pretty unclear even to the most devout advocates of the Swedish ”värdegrund” why we are doing this.

”Wait, what?”, you say? ”Värdegrund? What is that?”

Well, ”värdegrund”, dear readers, is a horrible Orwellian little word that dictates that a good Swedish citizen must always, no matter what, adhere to the ”right values”. Which includes being (you guessed it) ”anti-racist”, ”pro-gay”, ”feminist”, ”climate aware” and the usual crap that constitutes modern ”liberalism” and yes… you know the drill… we have reached the point in the article where I am obliged to assert that:

I am NOT denouncing any of those ideas. But I AM denouncing the hypocrisy that let people (especially celebrities) get away with just s-a-y-i-n-g they believe these things. And making a good buck off of it.

Swedish celebrities.

…and with that out of the way let me go back, briefly, to the Swedish brand of brainwashing because it is really something else; something much more insidious and intellectually dishonest than the traditional kind of indoctrination exerted by lunatics like Saddam Hussein and Kim Jung Il. You know, dictators are usually pretty clear on what happens if you cross them. Their language is direct. Dissidents WILL be crushed. Rebels WILL be exterminated.

In Sweden we do things differently.

Case in point: when famous Swedish writer Katerina Janouch did an interview in her native country of Czechoslovakia two years ago, and described what she, personally, felt was problematic with crime and immigration in Sweden, our Prime Minister Stefan Löfven commented that he found her views ”strange”.

He didn’t say (as he should have):

”I have no comments whatsoever on what a private citizen of Sweden thinks. On any subject. What I will do, however, is to defend all Swedish citizen’s right to free speech and their inviolable right to criticize me and any other powerful public figure.”

But Prime Minister Löfven is a blundering dimwit and it seems he took personal offense at what Mrs Janouch had said. Evidently she was spreading ”fake news” about Our Great Nation and so he felt he had to speak out against her; she had, in effect, become our ”Goldstein” (the object of hate/the ubiqutous scapegoat in ”1984”).

Most of us weren’t surprised.

Long before this incident it was clear that Stefan Löfven was unsuitable for his high position. An arrogant, nonverbal, dishonest man with a really, really bad judge of character.

Don’t believe me?

He put this person in charge of counter-terrorism.

…and even if this clip is a digression you should watch the whole thing. And then try to wrap your head around the fact that this blathering fool (Alice Bah Kuhnke) was a member of government.

One of the highest paid officials in the country.


ANYWAY – Sweden nowadays is ruled with the classical iron fist in a velvet glove (or rather a ”värdegrund”-fist in a liberal glove). We hide behind sanctimonious assertions that we ”gillar olika” (”we like what is different”) when in reality we hate it. Or rather, our ruling class – our ”liberal” celebrities, our ”unbiased” journalist – hate it. They hate it when people point out that they are factually wrong, intellectually dishonest or rethorically sloppy. And more than anything else they hate it when someone simply disagrees and have a different opinion about/experience of – for instance – the supposed benefits of ”multiculturalism”.

That is, by the way, still a big no-no in Sweden: pointing out the obvious; that ”integration” does not work and that it all might have been wishful thinking from the beginning; a liberal pipe dream. It is also highly inappropriate to maintain the idea that there might be problems with high immigration from religious countries to a society like Sweden where secularism, for well over a century, has been deeply ingrained in every civil servant at every level of our state apparatus.

Liberals do not want to hear this.

Just as they don’t want to hear that integration problems are not balanced out by new, ”exciting” cuisines from Syria and Somalia or by vain assurances from the fawning Swedish upper middle class that they feel ”enriched” by these new ”exotic” foreign traditions… in a shameless post-colonial la di-dah kind of way.


My white friend.

See, that’s bad manner: calling a spade a spade, a communist a communist, an islamist an islamist or for that matter: a ghetto a ghetto. And yes, “ghetto” is a relative term but we do have them in Sweden (we just call them something else) and if someone says otherwise they probably don’t live there, they probably work in media and they also – most probably – believe that “alt-right smirking” should be punishable by law.


In any case, integration is failing spectacularly in my home country.

It is an absolute clusterfuck.

An embarrassing disaster for all of those who created this presumably well-meaning, but altogether unrealistic, vision of an ”integrated”, ”multicultural” society where lions and lambs lie down together. Sweden is not integrated. It is super-duper-segregated and the list of problems connected to immigration is a long and depressing read.

Some key examples:

– School results in many ”disadvantaged areas” (i.e ghettos) are horrible; more than half (yes half) of students fail ninth grade.

– Unemployment rates among immigrants in Sweden is alarmingly high; some statistics show that it takes 8-10 years for 48% of them to find work. Of the remaining 52% half never find any kind of employment. Around 45% of female immigrants do not work, nor do they participate in any labor market measures. 

– ”Honor” violence is a huge problem. As well as gential mutilation. Some estimates show that up to 150 000 young girls in Sweden suffer from this inhuman abuse.

– The Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) is clearly dysfunctional; it’s been plagued by a series of scandals – bribes, corruption and various logistical cock-ups (at one point fourteen people who were to be deported escaped from the agency’s custody.)

And yes, there are other problems that probably have some connection to immigration/failed integration and I am a bit hesitant to name them… but what the hell, here’s one for my critics (who are just itching to label me a vile xenophobe): the fact that 31% of  all women in Sweden (both ethnic Swedes and immigrants) do not feel safe in public places anymore probably correlates to immigration; or rather to the attitudes held by many men from Asia and Africa.

Twelve percent of these women won’t even go outside come nighttime and the number is, no doubt, higher in crime-ridden suburbs like Rinkeby, Rosengård and Bergsjön. That’s an absurd number by the way – 12 % – seen in a historical context. But not surprising since many firemen and ambulance drivers nowadays dread having to go into certain areas around primarily Stockholm and Göteborg. They get pelted with stones when they do. Yes, you heard me.


With stones.

Do these attitude towards women and authorities have a genetic explanation?

Of course not.

But they sure as hell are rooted in culture and tradition. A fact that many Swedish journalist – and politicians – still vehemently deny.

Their intellectual dishonesty when it comes to this is absolutely staggering.

According to a study carried out in the Middle East and North Africa 2016-17 by Promundo and UN Women men’s views of equality between sexes are ”woefully out of sync with the hopes of young women”.

The study includes quantitative and qualitative research with nearly 10,000 men and women aged 18 to 59 in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, and Palestine, including both urban and rural areas. It’s a scary read with many eye-popping statistics. For instance: more than half of the Egyptian men surveyed agreed that:

“there are times when a woman

deserves to be beaten”.

The study also reveals that a majority of the interviewees believe that ”women are not fit to be leaders, should not work outside the home, and that it is more important to educate boys than girls.”

Do these facts matter when it comes to integration?

Are you crazy?

Of course they do!

And this has zero to do with ”racism”. It has to do with cultural differences. Those exist and you don’t even have to label them ”good” or ”bad”. People are just different, ok? We have different cultures. Different points of reference. And different cultures are at different stages in their cultural and moral development and shit like that m-a-t-t-e-r-s.


…but in all honesty, the ruling class being annoyed by facts is not a new phenomenon, historically, and of course many other countries suffer from the same blatant hypocrisy. In Sweden’s case it is more glaring however, since Sweden for decades have had the moral high ground; we have claimed top position as the most free, liberal and altruistic country in the world.

Ever since the heydays of UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld and the Vietnam war, when then Prime Minister Olof Palme riled up Richard Nixon by walking side by side with North Vietnamese ambassador Nguyen Tho Chyan in a widely covered anti-war demonstration, Sweden has been a shining beacon when it comes to international solidarity, gender equality, social reform and freedom of press.

We could show – through carefully measured scientific data – that Swedes were healthier, lived longer and more prosperously than other people. We had a robust economy, low unemployment rates, low crime, top education, amazing infrastructure, great housing, peace and stability, a cohesive society with no ethnic or religious conflicts. And when it came to international relations and diplomacy, well…  we simply knew better than everyone else.

We were smart.

We stayed out of WW2.

We were ”neutral”… you know?

Sure, we sold a little iron ore to Hitler and let a few of his soldiers travel by train through Sweden so that they could invade neighbouring Norway, but that’s ancient history now, isn’t it? And Sweden has helped so many people since then. We have taken on millions of refugees from the late 1960s and onward. We have donated hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid. Our inventions and technical innovations have spread all over the world to the benefit of all mankind. And then there were ABBA. And IKEA. And Bergman. And Borg. And later on: Ace of Base and Zara Larsson (sorry about that).

Sweden, small as we are, have had a huge impact on the world. We are, undoubtedly, the little country that could. Surely we could integrate a few million more people from far away countries who despise our western values, our feminism, our liberalism and really do not want to be integrated? Surely it is a great idea to invite people from third world countries to Sweden and educate them here in order to promote social and infrastructural development in their home regions?

Who’s to say we cannot do that?!

Well, Olof Palme for one.

He denounced, dryly, the concept back in 1969, in an interview with British journalist David Frost (listen at 04.00).

That’s actually the first thing that comes to Palme’s mind when Frost asks him about his biggest political miscalculations. But… that’s one of those pesky, totally ignorable, facts I mentioned earlier. Show this clip to a Swedish social democrat and you are sure to be called a ”racist” and/or an ”alarmist” (possibly even a ”islamophobe” and a ”climate denier”). It sounds absurd but that’s the way the cookie crumbles in this country these days, where war is truly peace and ignorance is, without question, strength.

(This is purely anecdotal but last night, as I was writing this paragraph, a friend wrote me an e-mail telling me about her neighbour (in the southern parts of Sweden) who had installed a security system in her house. One of the woman’s friends was very offended by this and had asked her flat out if she’d ”become a nazi”.)


In any case, ”the Swedish model” of convincing the tired and the poor, the huddled masses of the world, to embark on a perilous journey to Europe’s Ultima Thule has been in effect for about half a century now. In the past ten years or so Facebook and social media have helped even more people to find their way here. These days human smugglers provide fake, but fail-safe, one-size-fits-all ”life stories” to aspiring refugees:

”Just tell the authorities this when you arrive in Sweden and they’ll be sure to let you in…”

”Just 10 000 euros my friend, only for you…”

…which will buy you a bumpy, unsafe one-way-ticket-to-ride in the back of a truck, starting out from countries like Turkey and Greece.

The smugglers exaggerate, grotesquely, the advantages of picking Sweden as a destination. They promise there is room, work, money, girlfriends! Swedish women are demonstrating in the streets; they demand men!

In short: the smugglers are selling castles in the air, but also methods on how to fool Swedish authorities and gain access to the country’s generous welfare system.

Good for the refugees, bad for the system.

Which – if the law of mathematics still count for anything – will sooner or later collapse. And then Sweden won’t be able to help anyone, least of all those who really need it: women, children, the sick and the elderly from war-ravaged countries like Iraq and Syria.

Unfortunately, that’s not a valid point.

Not in Sweden.

Pointing out that irrefutable fact is – yes – racist. You see, in Sweden numbers don’t matter. The laws of physics do not apply. In Sweden it is entirely possible to keep pouring water into an already full cup. Some would call such a claim insulting to anyone’s intelligence, but those people would be wrong, possibly fascists; the kind of people that wish for other humans to drown in small rubber boats on the Mediterranean high seas.

Homer Simpson once famoulsy said, when faced with his unruly family: ”I’m living in a cuckoo clock!” and yes, that’s the way I – and many Swedes with me – feel these days, that we are living in a cuckoo-clock, in a humanitarian asylum run by the inmates.

For you see, if you say that you are concerned with how immigration/organized religion will affect your country, your home town, your village, your block… you are a person of questionable moral and whatever you say can – an should – be vehemently opposed and aggressively condemned.

It does not matter what kind of information or facts you bring forward. If that information, in any way, aims to put the liberal immigration-euphoria in perspective – you are, lamentably and  irrevocably, a nazi  – and thus – destined for the liberal gas chambers.

Jens Ganman



  1. Bugar och bockar för ett som vanligt fantastiskt blogginlägg!

    TT-artikel från idag…

    ”Afghanska män skeptiska till ökad jämlikhet

    Afghanska män är negativt inställda till ökade rättigheter för landets kvinnor, visar en undersökning. Två tredjedelar av de tillfrågade männen tyckte att kvinnor redan har för långtgående rättigheter. Uppfattningen var vanligare bland unga män än bland äldre.”

    Gillad av 2 personer

  2. Great article. It complements Kajsa Norman’s book, Sweden’s Dark Soul, pretty well. Have you read it? Apparently, she can’t find a publisher in Sweden. You see, people are not allowed to say bad things about the world’s humanitarian superpower, especially foreigners. How dare they? Anyhow, the book is a great collection of facts about the blatant hypocrisy and social-engineered coma of your typical Swede. Of course, I’m talking about the ones with the government-approved ”värdegrund”. You know what I mean. Cheers, mate!

    Gillad av 1 person

  3. Tack! Det här är så otroligt bra och viktigt att det borde spridas till alla, även om det kommer att skava utav helvete för väldigt många 🙂

    Gillad av 1 person

  4. I agree with everything but one thing. You say that you/we do not have to label cultures as ”good” or ”bad”. I think we should. All cultures are not equal, some are horrible shit cultures. The islamic culture where women are completely without rights and are not even treated as humans is certainly one of the biggest of shit-cultures. I don’t want anything to do with it. It should not be accepted and those who wish to live by it should go back to the shit-hole cultures they came from if they do not accept our culture and change their medieval ways.

    Gillad av 5 personer

  5. Ærligheden er væk -den er erstatte med Bedrag og foræderi
    Folket er besat af deres ego ,og essensen er erstatte med indvandrer
    hele det Svenske idyllen er gået i ren hårknude og tros skoven betyder noget for landet Sverige så er Ejerretten krænket i De offentlige indstandser
    Dagligdagen er præet af flugt af egne borger et had til naboen og en foragt til de som vil styre magten
    Sikkerheden i eget hjem bliver en epoke
    Da Ret sikkerhed er bytte ud med Utryghed
    Og hele meningen med livet bliver erstatte af utopi Magt tvang vold had penge og Nyt DDR


  6. Tänkvärda ord som beskriver hur Sveriges ledning drivit samhällsutvecklingern allt längre från folkviljan och hur landet kommer krascha socialt.

    Jag är ganska säker på att strategerna bakom de nya moderaterna bär huvudansvaret för de visste att S och V inte kunde argumentera mot en invandringspolitik som leder till att generell välfärd upphör (Mp har aldrig förstått) vilket var deras motiv för att en gång för alla skapa grunden till en polisstat med låga skatter.

    S införde ju Luciabelsutet 1989 och Göran talade allvarligt om social turism i början av 00:talet då tiggande EU-migranter ej var en gatubild.

    De dessa strategare i de nya moderaterna missade var vikten av sammanhållning, lojaliteten till samhället måste vara större än till klan, etnicitet, åsiktsgrupp eller i yttersta fall större än till eget liv och familj (krig).

    De missade med att ett land med folk utan framtidshopp som drivs fram genom hotbilder (klimathotet) kommer störtas eller tömmas på folk och då först de allt färre som är samhällslönsamma.

    Slutligen missade de att den fjärde industrirevolutionen ändrar hela spelplanen, ty teknik vinner alltid för eller senare mot politik.

    Jag ska länka till din text och skrev du den på en kväll har du lika kraftig fingerdiarre som jag :o)

    Gillad av 2 personer

  7. Jag som trodde vi var bäst på allt, nu fick jag en tankeställare. Undrar om det där tänkandet går att bota med klimatsmart fika?

    Fast den där Ganman hade rätt om Lego, det kanske stämmer det här också …

    Stort tack!


  8. Tack för en välformulerad samtidsskildring. Den visar alltför väl vilken i vilken surrealistisk värld vi lever. En Dalimålning är rena realismen jämfört med den situation vi nu ser.
    Intressant om Kajsa Norman hittar en förläggare till en svensk översättning av ”Swedens dark soul”. Hennes förra bok ”Bron över blood river” gavs ut av Leopard förlag där Johan Ehrenberg är delägare.
    Jag misstänker att Leopard kan ställa sig något tveksamma till det nya alstret.

    Gillad av 1 person

  9. Jens Ganman har fel när han påstår att Sverige var en säker plats på 60, 70 och 80-talen.
    Våldtäkt inom äktenskapet blev inte brott förrän i mitten av 60-talet men det tog ända fram till mitten av 80-talet innan någon man dömdes för brottet. Sexuella övergrepp sågs med visst överseende på den tiden. Barnaga avskaffades definitivt 1979.

    I slutet av 80-talet föll fler människor offer för dödligt våld än under perioden 2012-17 trots att befolkningen ökade med ungefär en och en halv miljon under perioden 1990-2017.

    Faktum är att det dagens Sverige som Jens Ganman försöker håna i sitt kåseri här ovan är en mycket tryggare land än det ”gamla” Sverige från perioden 1960-90 som han försöker framställa som någon slags idyll.

    Att sedan dagens svenskar är friskare, lever längre och har bättre ekonomi än någonsin i vårt lands historia är ju också något att tänka på.

    Gillad av 1 person

    1. Nämen, har vi bättre ekonomi än någonsin? Fantastiskt, Sverige har alltså inte stått stilla som enda land i den utvecklade världen, eftersom även samtliga andra här bättre ekonomi än någonsin.

      Däremot hänger vi inte med omvärlden, eftersom vi har lägst tillväxt i EU. Referens:

      (Notera att jag, liksom Jens, kan lämna referenslänkar till våra påståenden. Då blir det fakta. Jag noterar att du inte kunde prestera en endaste länk. Då förblir det påståenden.)

      Gillad av 1 person

      1. @Radovan
        Storvulna påståenden utan källhänvisningar är den presstituerade journalistkårens signum. De drar saker ur rakt ur rektum, mörkar viktiga fakta, vilseleder och bedrar.

        Det är en del av den psykologiska manipulationen…

        …som lett till en slags masshysteri hos de som bänkat sig framför dumburken och okritiskt äter svinfodret likt grisar.


    2. Vi måste korrigera rubriken om ännu ett bombdåd i Malmö. Det står ”Det börjar bli vardagsmat i Malmö”. Stämmer ju inte alls med ditt referensbefriade inlägg. Den korrekta rubriken ska vara ”Det börjar bli sällsynt eftersom Malmö aldrig har varit tryggare och det sprängdes minst varje dag på 60-talet”.

      Gillad av 2 personer

    3. Anders, på vilket sätt hånar han Sverige som land? Som jag läser det framställer han inte på något vis Sverige ”förr” som någon idyll eller som något som är eftersträvansvärt att exakt återgå till? Han kritiserar den nuvarande samhällsutvecklingen och vad som lett oss hit. Likaså kritiserar han nuvarande samhällsklimat där du knappt kan yppa en kritisk eller ens lätt ifrågasättande röst om invandringens för/nackdelar utan att bli, i många fall, socialt slaktad.
      Du tycker inte att det finns ett och annat som stämmer i hela denna text, med många länkar till det han skriver om…

      Och till Jens vill jag bara säga att du är en sjukt frisk och rolig fläkt i sociala medier!
      Keep the good work up!

      ps. ja, ”sjukt frisk” var medvetet skrivet.

      Gillad av 2 personer

  10. Good post Jens, with plenty of reference links to back it up.
    However, one remark: ”some statistics show that it takes eight years on average for half of them to find work.”

    That’s overly positive. It was 8 years until 50% employment rate. That number had risen to 9 years in January 2017:

    But ask the poster Anders above, and he will probably think that this is all hunky-dory.

    Gillad av 2 personer

  11. Bra grejer, adekvat analys. Men som en vän sa (ungefär): ”När man får den sortens klarsynta analyser rakt uppslagna i ansiktet, ja då återkommer knuten i magen.”
    F.ö. uppskattade jag filmen ”Så att det blir rätt” mycket. Tack för att du finns.

    Gillad av 2 personer

  12. Det är sorgligt att faktabaserade tankemönster anses som rasistiska. Är sociologiskt utbildad och ser att det historiska avstampet som jag ofta använder i mina analyser om samtiden blir rassestämplade. När jag pekar ut att historielöshet är livsfarligt så inser jag att många sätter igång en mental ’lalalala, håller händerna över örorna, vägrar att höra’. Faktaresistansen är antingen total eller så ses en som mindre vetande aka rasist. Vilket i mitt fall är konstigt då jag nästan hela mitt liv främst hängt mer karibiska människor och faktiskt är den som först tog ut dancehalldansen till vita klubbar i Sthlm på 1990-talet. Är den första dancehallqueenen i Sverige. Rasist? Orkar inte med bullshiten som händer idag.



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