SWEDISH MULTICULTURALISM – the Noble Art of Making Sh*t Up As You Go Along

In February of 2017 the world suddenly turned its attention to Sweden and its liberal migration policies. The phrase ‘Last night in Sweden’ was meme-magic as soon as it left Donald Trumps tightly pursed lips. ”Sweden? Who would believe this…!?” Trump mused in utter – albeit mock – disbelief… and then a big deal was made about how nothing in particular had happened in Sweden that particular last night. Even though it had (something bad happens every night in Sweden these days…) and every Swede knew it – just like kids with an alcoholic parent know. The Donald was right. Sweden has problems. We’re addicted to the elusive notion of ‘multiculturlaism’ and a lot of stuff has indeed happened in Sweden since the last time you looked. A lot of it bad.

By 1975 the ambitious Swedish ‘folkhem’-project was completed. People had jobs. There were no slums or ghettos. Women’s emancipation was well on its way. Swedish healthcare was among the best in the world and poverty was, more or less, eradicated. This small Lutheran-Christian monarchy, with all its geographical advantages, safely tucked away in the northern parts of Europe, had gotten a colossal head start after the end of WW2. Many other countries were ravaged by war, some literally bombed back to the Stone Age, but Sweden – thanks to a pragmatic approach to the Nazis – had sneaked away unscathed and therefore could take the lead in many fields of industry and science. During the 1960’s companies like Atlas Copco, SAAB, Volvo, Bofors, Ericsson and ABB quietly colonised Asia and Africa. Dams and factories were built, weapons and trucks were exported. From 1960 to 1965 Sweden’s gross domestic product grew by 5% per year. In 1970 60% of all immigrants in Sweden were employed with the manufacturing sector. It was – truly – the land of milk and honey.

And beautiful blondes.


Between 1944-1970 Sweden’s population increased by 650 000 people due to immigration. That’s 25 000 people/year. Compared to 30 000 asylum seekers in 2016, 160 000 in 2015, 120 000 in 2014 and 115 000 in 2013. And yes… that’s a lot of people but it’s important to note that not all asylum seekers are granted permanent residence. Many languish in Sweden for as long as 12-24 months before their cases are rejected by the Swedish Migration Board. The miserable conditions at many Swedish refugee camps/housings are a factor that has been largely overlooked in the acerbic debate about Sweden’s liberal asylum policies. These camps are a veritable breeding ground for oppression towards women and children and not at all in accordance with the rest of the equality-aware Swedish society.

I have personally visited several such places the past three years and I can assure you – you would not want want to stay there for many hours (even if these accommodations are – most probably – better than any bombed out city in Syria och Iraq).


During the post-war era Sweden reaped the benefits of its small, tightly knit society. Its tax-funded basic research, its homogenous population and absence of domestic ethnical/religious conflicts was a recipe for success. Things could probably have continued that way for decades. But then, in 1975, the sociallist-led government had an idea. Or rather – Prime Minister (and international socialist icon) Olof Palme had an idea:

”Immigrants and minorities should be given the possibility to choose how much they want to be integrated into a Swedish cultural identity or (if they) want to keep and develop their own original identity.”

That sentence (lifted from government proposition 1975:26) is what, more than anything else has formed the Swedish ‘multiculturalism’-mind-set. What it means, in no uncertain terms, is that in Sweden anyone can do her or his own thang. You don’t have to be a part of the Swedish cultural context if you don’t want to. You don’t have to adapt. Assimilation is optional – not obligatory.



Fast forward to the 2000’s and to a new breed of altruistically motivated politicians. Politicians born in the 1980’s and 1990’s and thoroughly marinated in the ideology of ‘anti-racism’ and identity politics. They dutifully picked up where Palmes’s generation had left off, and with a religious zeal. Granting refugees asylum was no longer an act of solidarity – it was an end in itself. A way of counteracting any form of fascism – real or imagined.


Minister for Health Care, Public Health and Sport, mr Gabriel Wikström. Photo: Kristian Pool, Regeringskanslislet.

To these young politicians everything bad that happens can be explained with gender inequality, race or the lingering spectre of 1600th century colonialism. And to be fair: a lot of stupid shit can be explained with those parameters.

But not everything.

Islam, for instance, is what it is. It is a deeply unequal, unabashedly undemocratic, blatantly totalitarian ideology. Still many Swedish politicians/journalist/feminists are religiously convinced (pun again) that islam is completely compatible with a modern, LBGT-certified, secular western society. It’s Orwellian double think at its best. Or worst. (Or perhaps both).

Either way, these well-intentioned cosmopolites have embraced islam in a manner that, at best, can be called ignorant. Especially Swedish feminists seem to love this authoritarian ideology. They praise it. The pander to it. They exotify it. All in order to ‘make a stand’ against ‘racism’. Even though islam is not, by any means, an ethnicity – it’s a political system.

a-e-aurdisneo-classic-stockholm-syndrome-its-a-tale-as-old-2856298 ***

To an outsider looking in, all this must seem absurd, but in Sweden the notions mentioned above have been peddled for many years. Through state media, through the big commercial newspapers, through plays, movies, radio shows… etc. Most Swedes are, consciously or unconsciously, convinced that ‘multiculturalism’ cannot – should not – be questioned. Because what would be the alternative? Monoculturalism? A big wall surrounding Sweden? Mass deportations? Hitler? Are you nazi, Jens? Is that what you’re saying!!? ARE YOU A SOULLESS, BABY-MURDERING NAZI!!?!?!?!

Well, no.

Of course not. That’s a false dichotomy. And a straw man argument. But the Swedish population has been gouded – some (like me) would say even brainwashed – into believing that multiculturalism is a force of nature; a natural state. Xenophobia, on the other hand, has routinely been deemed a purely destructive human trait, even though suspicion towards the unknown (and potentially) dangerous, in many ways and throughout history, have been a prerequisite for human survival.

The Swedish term for xenophobia, by the way, is ‘främlingsfientlig’ and that’s a term that in many ways have destroyed public discourse in the land of boundless promiscuity and sky high suicide rates (one of theses claims is actually a factoid). Being ‘främlingsfientlig’ is one of the worst social and moral transgressions one can commit in Sweden. It is worse that being an ISIS-symphatizer. You simply cannot turn away a stranger (‘främling’) knocking on your door, begging for help or attention.

Unless, of course that person is a Mormon or a Jehova’s Witness.


Just to be clear: all countries and all cultures are multicultural, to some extent. They are the sum of domestic traditions mixed with foreign influences. And just like no man is an island very few – if any – societies can claim to be completely homegrown (apart, perhaps, from North Korea and Arkansas). Everybody needs input from the surrounding world. If you’re not exposed regularly to other systems of thoughts you end up like Hillary Clinton.


Or the Swedish Social Democrats.

The post-modern concept of ‘multiculturalism’, however, is a whole different animal. It is in many ways a political project (communism 2.0 some would say) and few countries has implemented it with such ideological – and practical – fervor as my native Sweden; few countries have undertaken such a complex and precarious endeavour, on such a disproportionately large scale; few countries has deep fried themselves in identity politics the way we have. Don’t believe me? Take a look at any Swedish TV-commercial these days – if there’s a family in it there’s bound to be at least one eskimo, one transvestite, several black children and at some point: a gay kiss. Yes, I exaggerate. But just a little.

The road to hell is, as we all know, paved with pussy-hat wearing feminists marching ‘against islamophobia’. And even if you can’t blame people for wanting all blacks and whites… and Cleveland Browns… to coexist in peace and harmony there is such a thing as trying to cram an ideology down someone’s throat too fast. People are strange that way – they don’t usually like being told that they are morally inferior, or being shamed into having the ‘proper’ moral values.


Board of the Sweden’s ‘Byggnads’ Union (the construction industry).


So why the suspicion towards multiculturalism? Well, my aim is true, as Elvis Costello once put it… Perhaps it’s because ‘multiculturalism’ – in its post-modern sense – is irreversible. Should it turn out not to work, like the Swedish version, there is no reset-button. No matter how much money and ‘integration measures’ you throw at the problem – ghettos tend to stay get ghettos until you demolish it (just like they did in Chicago with the Cabrini-Green public housing projects).

And it doesn’t matter if you choose to call violence and crime ‘unwanted occurrances’ as the Swedish police does in this truly disquieting report (se below) where 53 urban/suburban areas in Sweden are identified as ‘utsatta områden’ or ‘exposed areas’:

Klicka för att komma åt Utsatta-omraden-sociala-risker-kollektiv-formaga-o-oonskade-handelser.pdf

Initially the different regional police forces nominated a total of 68 areas but since 17 areas were deemed too affluent (though crime ridden) to fit the socio-economical parameters and in the end the report settled for a smaller number. This is, by the way, what constitutes a Swedish ‘exposed area’:

– high density of residents with a criminal record.

– unwillingness among residents to participate in any kind of judicial process due to a risk of retaliation from the criminal community.

– ‘parallell’ societies.

– pockets of religious extremism.

– exceptional events (such as violence and crime) having been normalised.


Ask any Swedish politician and they will deny, vehemently, that there’s any connection between crime and immigration. Even in areas where an overwhelmingly majority of the residents come from other countries and where crimes rates are much higher than the national average. To these politicians such allegations always comes with a (perceived) racist angle; anyone who points out that there seem to be/could, potentially, be a connection between immigration/cultural criteria and crime is trying to muddy the waters (in Swedish ‘fiska i grumliga vatten’) and steer the conversation towards fascism.

Mixing native Swedes with other Europeans – quickly, over a short period of time – has been done before. Most notably during the Yugoslav Wars (1991 – 1999) when Sweden accepted tens and thousands of refugees from former Yugoslavia. Which, of course, was the decent thing to do. But that was people who held a similar world view and a similar set of moral standards. Most Serbs, Croats and Bosnians had no problems adhering to Sweden’s ideas about democracy and gender equality.

Mixing Swedes with large numbers of people from countries and cultures that has very little in common with the modern, secular western society… well… that’s another ball game. That’s (at best) a whim and a pipe dream, rooted in the peculiar notion that anyone who sets foot in Sweden instantly and organically absorbs Swedish values. Sweden is The Norm an there is nothing Sweden can’t do. Sweden knows best. And ‘multiculturalism’ (in the form of large immigration) is a panacea for everything from a ho hum national cuisine to high unemployment rates in the countryside.

Sweden’s secular political elite has, over the years, invested an ungodly (pun intended) amount of prestige in this idea and therefore we, as a country, simply cannot be wrong. Multiculturalism must work, at any given point in time. No matter what the variables. Accepting illiterate refugees from clan dominated societies in Somalia is the same thing as accepting university educated engineers from neighbouring Norway. It’s all good and it will (hopefully) all mesh well with the modern, secular Swedish society. Should one or two (or 130) poverty-stricken, underprivileged areas emerge – well, that comes with the territory. Cars may burn, night after night after, but Donald Trump was wrong. It’s a minute to midnight and all is well.

Or as former Prime Minister, Carl Bildt, said back in 1991 when asked about the social unrest in infamous Swedish suburb Rinkeby (07.14):

”It’s fun in Rinkeby!”





Klicka för att komma åt boverkets-indikatorer-maj-2015.pdf

Klicka för att komma åt Utanförskapets-karta-en-uppföljning-.pdf



Jens Ganman


17 reaktioner på ”SWEDISH MULTICULTURALISM – the Noble Art of Making Sh*t Up As You Go Along

  1. ” That’s 25 000 people/year. Compared to 30 000 asylum seekers in 2016, 160 000 in 2015, 120 000 in 2014 and 115 000 in 2013. And yes… t”
    150 000 green cards/permits 2016 S.I.C.
    110 000 dito 2015 so the influx is increasing… and N.B. det acceptance rate on asylum is now 60% (2016) which was 30% the year before
    Most of the published figures are the lowest all the time and the best trend figures not hard facts….say to say . . but some of us know why this bias is present….


  2. ”I have personally visited several such places the past three years and I can assure you – you would not want want to stay there for many hours (even if these accommodations are – most probably – better than any bombed out city in Syria och Iraq).”
    Cold facts….
    have you asked why the asylum seekers have passed so many safe countries in order to end is this? It could perhaps been better to have applied for asylum in first safe country as is the ruling within EU . . .


  3. Very, very good description of things.
    My earlier comments should be compared with the situation today in Syria, Irak… most of middle east… The world has 65 miljons refugees of which 20% have fled their native country….UNHCR asks for approx 70 billions and are granted about half of this while the initial costs for migrants in Sweden (INITIAL per year) is also 70 billions….fact is that i refugee camps like the UNHCR camps all refugees in need for survival could be supported at the same cost as the MV (Migration office) spends on yearly 100 000+ refugees . .and Jens your pics gives the as from any refugee camp give or take a few… i.e. Sweden is taking care of refugees 100 times more costly than UNHCR . . so the money from the tax payers should give much more than your pics shows . . . so bottom line: Send the money to the origin countries or nearby areas have school, vaccination, health care etc. and most of the refugees would have a better life and the life you show they have in Sweden… and that´s also what the refugees tell themselves . .


    So for the same, or even less cost:
    – refugees will be better off closer to native countries
    – the native countries will be built up again quicker after war by keeping the refugees close
    AND foreign born will not solve the internal problem with older people in Sweden…. if you do the math only half of the people in work age gets into work, ever, hence from the link below:
    – the part of children are only half of Swedish born part S.I.C.
    – the older 65+ will de facto be close to 50% i.e. double the part of Swedish born
    – and as the figures show the situation hasn´t changed during 10 years

    What could possibly NOT go wrong…..



  4. Hello

    An apt summary, and with a ‘spoken word’-tone to it, which fits the narrative and the present time, seeing as time is short and Sweden’s need is pressing.

    Sooner or later we, the swedes, will ask ourselves: what do we have to do, to get our country back? Will it be option A) the Jugoslavian solution, or option B) the Soviet/German solution, or option C) the American Indian solution?

    Thanks to the politics of the last forty years, those are the only realistic options given present circumstances.

    Rikard, former schoolteacher


  5. You mentioned multiculturalism in advertisements. It seems that it follows a few strict rules. If you watch the IKEA ads and any recent Swedish TV drama, you’ll see that you can’t just mix couples randomly: It has to be the man who is non European and the woman who is European, rarely the other way around. Unless the man is East Asian, in which case he doesn’t get any European women in Swedish ads.

    The products advertised, however, are almost always designed and developed by either Europeans, Americans or East Asians.


  6. ”The post-modern concept of ‘multiculturalism’, however, is a whole different animal. It is in many ways a political project (communism 2.0 some would say) ”

    Many postmodernists themselves see it as a modified version of socialist activism (combined with critical theory) when Marxism failed in the west.


  7. I remember Stockholm in 1975: The central parts of the city was worn down with houses in nearly terminal decay waiting for to be demolished or a complete makeover and resurrection as fashionable homes for the upper middle class. The streets and public parks was filled with gangs of drug addicts of all ages and often in an aggressive mood.
    Stockholm was no ghetto but your view about the situation in Sweden in 1975 is far to rosy jensganman.

    In the seventies before multicultural tolerance become the norm in Sweden homosexuality was considered as a disease. Women were routinely discriminated in schools, universities and professional life.
    Today in Sweden young women have much more opportunities than their mothers and grandmothers back in 1975 and sexual minorities respected in a way that would been astounding forty years ago.
    Tolerance and multiculturalism goes hand in hand. Mosques and Pride parades are two sides of the same coin of multiculturalism. If you want to live in a tolerant state then you must accept multiculturalism. Otherwise you will end up into something like todays Hungary with its intolerance against jews, homosexuals and fierce nationalism directed agains Rumanians.


    1. Mosques and Pride parades are the same coin of multiculturalism? Vilket svimmelsvammel. Do you know what they do do days in the Middle East, including the Sweden supporter moderate rebels in Syria? They throw them off roofs.
      Note that Damascus, a country we sanction, has gay bars. Something that is absolutely unthinkable in the mosque dominated part.
      You sir, are an idiot.


      1. Damascus is a city populated by muslims. You seem to have missed that ”FkDahl”.
        Generally homosexual behavior has been tolerated in the Middle East and I myself have on my travels there been a little taken aback by the open way young males show there homosexuality in public.
        That muslim terrorist are against homosexuals does not mean that all muslims share that view.

        Finally, to call other commentators for idiot is just silly.


      2. I still consider the opinion that mosques and gay pride parades are the same coin of multiculturalism as idiotic.
        They gays bars in Damascus are in a secular country, where multiple faiths are allowed and dhimmitude is not practiced. In the jihadist run part of Syria gays are thrown of roof tops as in this video in Homs https://claimyourinnocenceworld.wordpress.com/2015/08/15/children-help-isis-stone-gay-men-to-death/
        It says ISIS but they have no official presence in Homs, that is run by our regular friendly jihadists and ”moderate FSA”.
        Now if we take another example we have Bordeaux in France where gays no longer dare hold hands due to risk of attacks by Muslims. 40% of the French gays are now supporting Mme le Pen.

        And here is another example of the multiculturalism is bringing the UK – the Rotherham child sex abuse rings that went on for years and years becuase everybody was afraid to critisize them due to being afraid of being called racist ! 13 year old girls gangraped FFS!


        gangrapesweden.com for a foray closer to home.

        I strongly recommend this set of 3 interviews with French politician Philippe de Villiers. My favorite quotes ””Islamism is peaceful. After the conquest.”
        ”Childbirth is the jihad of women””

        As for multiculturalism I 100% believe some cultures are better than others. Example I think women should be free to have coffee in any cafe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y597ZkuhhsA&feature=youtu.be. That belief is not shared by Muslims or rather a substantial majority of them.

        France is drawing up plans for civil war where the army will go in and clean the suburbs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q34JVK2JEW0
        Ask yourself this : is the swedish state in control of Angered? Rinkeby? What will it be like in 2 years? Will e.g Telia pay protection money to maintain infrastructure? How many supporters do ISIS really have there?


    2. Fair points, but does all young women in Sweden have those opportunities? Are sexual minorities respected everywhere? Even in suburbs like Rinkeby, Husby? Bergsjön? Biskopsgården? Et al.


      1. Sexual minorities can not be sure to be treated with respect anywhere in Sweden Jens.
        The Sweden Democrats voted 2013 in the Swedish parlament for a continuation of compulsory sterilisation of transsexuals. Last year the Pride parade was attacked by neo nazis in central Stockholm.
        Surly person belonging to a sexual minoritet can have a hell in the suburbs but they can never really feel safe anywhere in Sweden either, not even in central Stockholm.



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