THE LITTLE COUNTRY THAT COULD –Sweden’s Descent Into (relative) Madness and the Curse of ‘Rätt Värdegrund’.


Let’s get one thing clear right off the bat – Sweden is not a failed state. Zombie gangs are not roaming the streets looking for fresh meat. The trains still run on time. The Volvos are steadily rolling out of the factories and you can still get a gender neutral soy latte for under five dollars in Stockholm City.  All is well (sort of). And if something IS rotten on the Scandinavian Peninsula it’s surely in the state of Denmark…? Right? After all, they only welcomed a fraction of all the refugees that poured into Europe during 2015-16 and they still have Aqua and ‘Barbie Girl’ to answer for.

But ok, to be honest, underneath the surface something is brewing in the land of the free and the home of the Carl Gustav recoilless rifle (favoured by dictators and war-mongers in countries like Libya, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, the United States and Venezuela…).

Something wicked this way comes, and it might very well spell doom for one of the most prosperous and civilized countries in the history of Man. The threat comes as a double whammy consisting of polar opposites ‘radical’ islam and ‘right-wing’ party Sweden Democrats – le Front National of Sweden. A liberal/conservative hybrid that will most probably upend the country’s political system after the coming election in 2018. (much like Trump did in the US).

The Sweden Democrats have around 20% in the polls right now but given the Bradley-effect it’s probably closer to 30%. Voting for The Sweden Democrats still comes with a social stigma so severe that a large number of people keep their sympathies to themselves. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has, on many occasions, publically reminded people of The Sweden Democrat’s shady past and their connections to the right-wing, nationalist branch Bevara Sverige Svenskt. In October 2016 Löfven went so far as to label SD ‘nazis’, thus contributing to an unnecessarily frenzied public discourse.

Many Swedish politicians has also made a point of connecting the Sweden Democrats and their supposedly xenophobic rhetoric to the high number of burning refugee housing accommodations. However, the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (MSB) has reported that 9 out of 10 fires at refugee accommodations started on the inside, often due to cooking, overheated oils, carelessly disposed cigarette butts etc.

It’s actually considered worse to cast you vote for ‘SD’ than to do it for the Communist Party Vänsterpartiet (VPK) and that notion is what’s eating away at the load-bearing walls of the Swedish welfare state. The SD-syndrome is dividing Swedes in a way we haven’t seen since Knorben the Inhuman invaded Ultimate Thule in the 11th century. The once homogenous Swedish culture is crumbling by the hour and it has less to do with cars burning all over the suburbs than with the fact that some very influential politicians and journalists, over the years, has poisoned the public debate with the sentiment that the world can (and should) be divided into black and white; those who ‘like’ refugees and those who do not.


Did you know, by the way, that Gothenburg, second largest city in Sweden, is the ‘jihad captital’ of Europe? With hundreds of muslim men and women being ‘radicalized’ by local mosques and sent to the meat grinder in Syria, Iraq et al to fight the ‘holy war’?

It’s true, and how the F*CK did that happened, you ask? (I know I do). Isn’t Sweden, like, one of the most secular and well-educated countries in the world? Haven’t the Swedish Left for decades tried to root out any form of godliness and religiosity from society? Why, yes they have. But islam, oddly enough, is an exception. For many years now it has been flying under the radar. Why? Because bat shit crazy, that’s why. And because by criticising islam in Sweden you’ve risked being branded as someone suffering from ‘phobia’. And so the ‘islamists’ have been able go about their business unnoticed for the past 25 years.

Which is pretty strange since islam isn’t, by any means, an ethnicity. Islam is a set of rules. A political platform. The ultimate manifestation of the dreaded Patriarchy to boot. It’s mere existence should be an impossibility in Sweden, a country thats boasts the world’s first ‘feminist foreign policy’. Islam should go against every fiber in the being of every Swedish feminist. But instead many of them defend islam to the death and even pose for photo ops wearing hijabs.

The Stockholm Syndrome in full effect.


Three of Sweden’s most highly profiled feminists, Åsa Romson, (former leader of the Green Party) Gudrun Schyman (former Communist Party leader) and Veronica Palm of the Social Democrats posing for the ‘Call for Hijab’-campaign in August, 2013.

Compare this to Persian social movement My Stealthy Freedom…

…and you will get a sense of just how utterly out of touch with reality the political elite of Sweden is right now.


But before we continue: let’s talk – briefly – about the term ‘bat shit crazy’. It’s important that we establish, semantically, what we’re talking about here. And mind you, it is not hyperbole to use that term. It’s apt – very apt – when speaking about what is going on in Sweden right now:

  • the implementation of identity politics as a way to shame people into moral submission
  • a commercially driven refugee policy
  • the all-encompassing term ‘värdegrund’ which means – roughly – that one must have the ‘right’ set of moral values. Something that is, of course, fucking bogus even if it’s used routinely by politicians, journalist and self-proclaimed social justice warriors and other (to quote Mark Dice) ‘liberal lunatics’ in order to quell any form of rational thinking.

The origins of the phrase ‘bat shit crazy’ are unclear but it might stem from the term ‘go apeshit’ which in its turn stems from… well… I guess it’s pretty self explanatory. Anyway: if you’re bat shit crazy you’re not just crazy, right? Bat shit crazy is a level above that. (Many levels, really.) It’s the type of crazy that makes you keep your mother’s corpse after she’s dead and then you dress up in her clothes, put on a wig and hack people to death after they check into to your Motel…

…or you could persevere in the unwavering, grotesque belief that a certain religion is’the religion of peace’ and that even its most radical proponents will fit into your secular society – even ‘contribute’ to it. All you have to do is lavish enough government funding on them. Touring the world with a ‘feminist foreign policy’, telling other countries how the should treat their female citizens – while being completely silent yourself about religious oppression and genitally mutilated child brides in the suburbs of affluent, supposedly ‘progressive’ Stockholm–… well… that’s also pretty bat shit crazy. At least in my book.



I’ve been working as a freelance writer/journalist in Sweden for the past 25 years. Although I more and more hesitate to use the term ‘journalist’. It’s a pretty obsolete term these days. ‘Journalist’ is supposed to mean someone that reports about stuff without bias and, clearly, I don’t do that and to be honest I have never met a colleague that has managed to rise above her or his own ideological predispositions. Once a commie always a commie, once a privilegied Ivy League-educated asshole, always a privileged Ive League-educated asshole.

…but that’s another discussion.

This is a story about what’s happening in Sweden right now and readers of Daily Mail and Gates of Vienna, gawkers at Tucker Carlson and The O’Reilly Factor have their picture clear: Sweden is fucked. And the immigrants did it.

Which is partly true.

img_2555Me at a commercial refugee housing somewhere in the heartlands of Sweden.

Sweden is fucked (in many ways) but don’t blame the immigrants. Blame the politicians. And the media. The two have been parked in an ecstatic soixante-neuf for many years now, to the detriment of an intellectually honest debate about things like the aforementioned immigration, but also cultural differences, organized religon and its ramifications etc.

…and that’s what’s killing Sweden: the intellectual inbreeding of the political and media elite. It has led to the absurd situation that anyone who shouts ‘FIRE’! in a crowded Swedish theatre these days faces the risk of being socially and professionally ostracized, even if that particular theatre is on fire and trying to warn people is the sensible thing to do.

I’m not talking about ‘political correctness‘ here. Gender neutral restrooms, pussy hat-wearing ‘feminists’ demonstrating against Trump etc… this is something far worse. It’s the insane notion that Sweden is morally superior to the rest of the world. A heritage from the heydays of world famous socialist leader Olof Palme, which (unwittingly) brings us to the core of the matter: Olof Palme’s government colleague Anna-Greta Leijon.

Mrs Leijon was Sweden’s Minister for Immigration in the 1980’s and in her memoirs Alla Rosor Ska Inte Tuktas (‘All Roses Should not Be Clipped’) published in 1991, Leijon admits that the Swedish immigration policy was a sham and this – ladies and gentlemen – is the explanation to a lot of the unbelievable stuff that is going on in Sweden today.

Don’t believe me?

Read this quote carefully:

”The proposals I put forward as Minister of Immigration are possible only because the superpowers of the world keep each others in check, only because the the poor people of the world are far away (from Sweden) and only because oppressed and persecuted people (in other countries) are so tightly controlled that travel abroad is not an option… (…)… Sweden’s immigration policy is based on the premise that very few people have the actual possibility to come knocking at our door…”


And there you have it. These are the ideological roots of the current Swedish immigration policy; as well as our hallowed ‘värdegrund’ (right set of values). For a long time we pretended to be a lot more generous than we actually were. And so what we are engaged in now, 2017 – when the world has changed drastically, is – essentially – an ideological chicken race. For many years Swedish politicians (and journalists) adhered to the notion that Sweden was the Little Country That Could.

They invested vast amounts of credibility, and personal prestige, in that idea and therefore they will not – cannot –steer away from the outdated notion that Sweden is a sanctuary ‘for everybody’. Nor will they steer away from the oncoming freight train of mismanaged integration, soaring unemployment rates among refugees/people born in the Middle East and Africa, a non-functioning housing policy and the spectre – yes the spectre – of organized religion. Something that has badly infected the secular Swedish society the past 20 years. And yes I used the term ‘infected’ because it is an infection. A cancer. And no I will not elaborate on which religion I’m referring to here. I don’t have to.

You just thought about it youself.



There is another word (other than ‘värdegrund’) that everyone interested in what is happening in Sweden right now should know about and that is ‘sysselsättning’. Loosely translated it means ‘occupation’/’employment’ and it’s a word that is routinely used by journalists and politicians when they discuss topics like immigration and labour market policy. If someone has ‘sysselsättning’ – then all is fine and dandy.

Except it isn’t.

According to SCB (The Bureau of Statistics a.k.a Statistics Sweden) a person is ‘sysselsatt’ if they’ve been working for a minimum of one hour a week (up to and including full employment/40 hrs a week). That means that people that work one (1) hour a week can be officially counted as’sysselsatt’– or ‘employed’. It’s crazy – you’re right – but maybe not very suprising since 90% of people know that you can prove anything with statistics.–inte-samma-sak-hos-SCB-och-Arbetsformedlingen/

I’ll level with you: Sweden is up shit creek without a paddle. It’s not a ‘failed state’, it’s not Libya, it’s not Syria… but it is going to end up something close to that if things continue like this. Our former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (of the traditionally conservative Moderates).


…and our current one, Stefan Löfven (of the Social Democrats)


…has (during the past 10 years) unwittingly, combined forces to obliterate the secular welfare state. They did it out of different reasons altogether but their aim was a common one; crush the Sweden Democrats and establish gender and race as the two prime coordinates in every aspect of the life of the ordinary Swede.

How is that working out for us? As a society?

Not so well.

The Little Country That Could is in way over its head and what you, observers from the outside, are witnessing right now is a train wreck in slow motion; something that has gathered momentum for 15-25 years. You might think that a lot of things that are happening in Sweden seem absurd, but rest assured, it will get worse before it gets any better.

I firmly believe that my home country could handle the refugee influx, both economically and culturally, if we really set our minds to it. If we tried to handle it pragmatically. But, alas, this is not a matter of helping those who need it the most (women and children, the sick and the elderly). It’s not about being a ‘humanitarian superpower’ – it’s a matter of political prestige.

Stefan Löfven and his Merry Band of Pranksters have chosen identity politics and ‘rätt värdegrund’ over utilitarianism. ‘Rätt värdegrund’ is their religion and they will  defend and implement it no matter what. Doesn’t matter how many cars are burning around Sweden, how many muslim women are oppressed in the suburbs, how many gang rapes are reported, how many grisly murders are committed… anyone who dares question why theses things are occurring at such an accelerating – and unprecedented – pace is ”evil”.

That person is also, by definition, a racist. Possibly even a nazi. And most importantly: she or he lacks the right set of values – the ‘rätt värdegrund’.

Welcome to Sweden.





13 reaktioner på ”THE LITTLE COUNTRY THAT COULD –Sweden’s Descent Into (relative) Madness and the Curse of ‘Rätt Värdegrund’.

  1. ”I firmly believe that my home country could handle the refugee influx, both economically and culturally, if we really set our minds to it. If we tried to handle it pragmatically. But, alas, this is not a matter of helping those who need it the most (women and children, the sick and the elderly). It’s not about being a ‘humanitarian superpower’ – it’s a matter of political prestige.”
    To believe something is a religious thing not anything else.
    ”could have handled” is a more real point of view . . .
    We, me diving into these things only three years ago . .
    BUT people have published and foreseen today’s problem 30 years ago . . and then we have all between…
    Sadly to say as you emphases there have been a very strong bias not to view real things rather ”hoping for the best” like the ”Tjörnbron” accident….
    Sadly also that good, working people has lost jobs, friends, social respect etc. just pointing on facts….
    I´m not at all convinced that the number of migrants is beneficial to anyone beside all that have their daily bread from this ”industry” that has been built up in Sweden
    The pictures you show is either only a few like that and not representative for all migrants in Sweden OR they ar representative and to me it seams that refuge camps nearby the fleed countries would be nicer…. pick UR choice . . .
    Bottom line is that it is up to 100 times cheaper to have refuges in nearby camps rather than in Sweden (again if UR pics are representative why not?) 2016 we granted 150 000 residence permits which would be the same as giving 15 miljons places in refuge camps….. no it is about 10 millions that has really fled from their home countries and tha members of the UN should also contribute to take care of the rest of all 65 miljons refugees and hoping that wars in their home lands will stop within a couple of years….or a little bit more…
    problem solved and N.B. Sweden spends only on initial cost around 70 billjons yearly for taking asylum seekers and their relatives etc.
    So the cost is not an issue, from UR pics the standard is not an issue, in nearby countries the language is not a problem……..

    Then to the story that our government et. al. has put to us:
    – we receive a lot of doctors
    – -. are those doctors not need more nearby where they even have war?
    – we receive a lot of engineers
    – – would n´t it be prosperous for countries/regions haunted by war to use those engineers to rebuild the countries?
    – and this can go on

    then we land in what our establishment politicians, journalists and people having a good earning in the refugee-industry
    – we need immigrants to secure our pensions and to have nurses etc. to take care of our elderly
    Knowledge is that from a cohort of people in the working edge only 50% will ever get a ”real job” and statistics from 15 years tells this (we don´t have more year stats) so immigration will in reality place half of the immigrated work force into the retired group directly . .

    Link to foreign born stats:
    – in the cohorts over time the share of kids 0–14 years is only half of that in native born . .
    – 67% of immigrants are in the work force but as above only 30%+ will ever have a real job
    so the demography among the immigrants is far worse than in the native born and even without any adjustments this is not at all good news….

    If you don´t say:
    – we have to put immigrants in job
    – – well if the immigrants will push out natives what´s the benefit more than support a bad plan?
    – we have to have more SFI
    – we have to educate
    – we have to lower tha requirements on a lot of things
    – we have to build more houses where immigrants can live
    – but we don´t have the money to build new houses for all the more than one milljon we have recieved the last ten years
    – – we have to by raising the cost of housing force people to move to same cost housing but with smaller areas…

    and the running accumulated net cost for the so far done imigration are around
    200 billions (plus the initial costs)
    Hopefully this will get better within only a few generations…..

    What can possibly go wrong?

    Most things if we keep on to solve the problems today with solutions that had been realistic 30 years ago…

    Taxes will raise every year
    Living costs will raise
    Medical care will be rare
    Walking 03:00 in a lot of cities will not be nice….

    Group 1 sees problems before they happens and can act up front
    Group 2 can follow and listen to group 1 if they are no biased (BW-ed)
    Group 3 are gone and will only see problems when they already have happened


    1. Batshit cazy is being really and longterm incurably nuts, and having been so for a very long time. Bats have settled in your head since it is a very calm place where nothing disturbs them. This has been going on for such a long time that the head is now filled with their manure.


  2. A great text. So on point. But there is one thing I disagree with though. You wrote ”The trains still run on time.” I have been commuting with train since 2004 now and it would have been more correct to say The trains still do NOT run on time. But, I do get your point.


  3. Interesting read. Wikileaks has leaked some articles on how Swedish media etc has deliberately kept factual information from the general public. There needs to be able to be open debate on people’s concerns. Or Sweden, a country very dear to my heart, will be very much a changed place. A country that was so respected, will shown as an example for what not to do. The big fall, as it has not been managed well for the overall country. No wonder Trump mentioned it, and the next day another day of many riots in Malmo…


  4. Det är nästan lite för enkelt att göra satir på vår samtid, galenskaperna kommer tretton på dussinet. Det största problemet måste väl vara att verkligheten ofta överträffar dikten nu för tiden, vilket tar udden av satiren eftersom man inte vet om det som skrivs är ärligt eller satiriskt menat.

    Värdegrund, sysselsättning, papperslös, fascist. George Orwell hade nog blivit imponerad över det svenska Sanningsministeriets föredömliga användning av nyspråk. Tyvärr finns det dem som likt Ganman inte vill foga sig.


  5. Är det här inlägget ett exempel på sådana där alternativa fakta och ”fake news” som Magdalena Andersson, AB och DN sagt att jag ska passa mig för? Det är det senaste har jag hört. Tror det är nåt nytt från Amerika. Det är så många turer nu så det börjar bli svårt att veta vad jag får tycka längre.


  6. Jag har bara en sak att säga om det här inlägget………
    Så rätt, så sant, så äkta, så stor kunskap om diagnosen Sverige…….
    Fantastisk läsning……
    (Hmmmmm, det var ju mer än en sak, but what the hell)…….


  7. Fantastiskt välskrivet Jens. En njutning att läsa. Och det där med A-G Leijon var en nyhet för mig. Måste googla. Har du ngra referenser?




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